About Us

How did we get our start?

In 2009, Josh Endsley was like many fishermen: Walking through the aisle of a tackle shop with a $20 bill, examining the fishing lures offered, wondering whether the lure he was considering would work well or be a waste of money.  An avid multi-species fisherman, he couldn't find a smaller swimbait with the right action. He liked using swimbaits for all types of fish, but saw room for improvement, and decided to try to make his own. Big Joshy Swimbaits began here as a hobby. 

He started to design, craft, mold, pour, and paint his own soft plastic minnows in he and his wife's studio apartment on their kitchen counter.  He had no intention of selling them.  He and some fellow fishermen fished extensively with his various designs, and when he was happy with the results, he started giving some to friends and family as gifts.  Word spread quickly, mainly because of good feedback shared on the fishing forums of ohiogamefishing.com.  Josh's username on the forums was Big Joshy.  Soon, emails and phone calls were coming in asking if there was a way others could buy "Big Joshy's baits".  Josh's wife set up a basic website, and they began to produce them together and sell them online.  

Thanks to their loyal customers' fantastic feedback and outstanding fishing reports, we continue to grow.  Moving forward our company's focus is the same as it has always been: to make high quality baits with finely tuned action, and keep our customers happy with great service and remarkable fishing results.

There are dozens of independent fishing lure companies.  What makes ours different?

Many other companies produce their baits using stock molds that are commercially available for anyone to buy.  So, while they may offer different colors or plastic formulations, the bait shape is not unique.  Our designs and molds are crafted in-house and are 100% original. 
Our fishing lures are original shapes, and are designed to have better action than similar soft plastics.  The shape, plastic formulation, colors, and packaging have been carefully chosen for maximum results. We make our baits right here in Ohio, and proudly employ members of our own community.
Our company is run on the highest standards for lure quality and action, and appreciation for each and every customer.

Thank you for your interest in Big Joshy Swimbaits!