Dealer Program

What Our Stores Say

"...we appreciate the support we have also received from you guys. Your products are in high demand and easy for us to sell. 
My employees are also very eager to recommend them to folks that aren't familiar yet."
"...if we can get this shipment in quickly, we already had a customer call to say he's going to buy us out of your product"
"...we get calls regularly from all over the state, and yesterday someone drove 2 1/2 hours to buy your baits!"

Minimal Shelf Space Required

Our compact packaging means less dedicated wall space and lower shipping charges for you.

Supporting Small Businesses

We are happy to choose locally owned and operated Outdoor/ Tackle Shops to be our Retail partners.

You've got our support! We'll promote your location(s) throughout the year via our various social media channels. Your success is our success, and we'll work hard with you and for you. 

Please Note: To qualify for Dealer pricing, you must meet all of the following requirements:

1-You must be able to provide proof of Sales Tax exemption
2-You must have a Store location with a dedicated address
3-You must have set hours of operation

We have set up an easy online ordering system for our Dealers. 
You will be supplied a login so that you may view our dealer pricing and complete your purchase online.

We reserve the right to deny any Dealer request.

Please send Dealer Inquiries to:  [email protected]