Electric Oil Goby 3.5'' 5pk

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product ID: :G35-22

Big Joshy Gobies look and move like the real thing

  • Perfect for twitching on a drop shot rig, or try dragging and hopping on a jig.

  • Hand made, one of a kind design with ultra lifelike details, action, and colors.

  • Buoyant enough to stay horizontal on a drop shot hook for a very natural presentation.

  • Designed to optimize durability without sacrificing action. 

  • Excellent where Gobies are present, but equally effective in lakes in rivers containing Darters, Sculpins, Bullheads, and other fish of a similar profile.

Looks like a real fish.  Acts like a real fish. Catches fish everywhere.

5 pack of 3.5" Big Joshy Gobies



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